Luis Grosclaude

UIS GROSCLAUDE, borned in Bs As 1937, Argentinean artist. Graduated  M. Belgrano and P.Pueyrredon Schools Has Created his own style on an amalgam of Constructivism, Art Brut, and reminiscences of the American Indian @ … “… An artist who pursues Geometries and their Figurations it draws archetypes … grace, signs and enormous simplicity … “

Pez Uno

18 x 24cm. Óleo sobre tela.

Individual exhibitions in Argentina in emblematic rooms, such as the Palais de Glace – “Luis Grosclaude Intervenes at the Palais” M-A.M., Museum of Modern Art, MACLA , Museum of Contemporary Art de La Plata, Pavilion of the Arts of the UCA. Abroad, H.H. from Bahia, Barcelona, ​​Dominican Republic and Seoul.