The family wine project undertaken by us, Gustavo and Paula Cucchiara, was born in 2012 when we were touring the Uco Valley and in Vistaflores Tunuyán we found and fell in love with Finca San Francisco because of its slopes and view to the Andes.

As an “Art Winery” we believe that winemaking is as much an art as painting. When testing each of the wines we are looking for similarities to the paintings of an Argentine artist, whether in effect, expression, tranquility, vitality, etc. choosing the artwork that will be suitable for each wine and will be shown on the front label. Our ambition is to promote art through our wine, and from art the pleasure to enjoy wine.

Our Wineyars

Our Finca San Francisco has 26 hectares of vines planted as follows: 16 ha. Malbec, 3 ha. Cabernet Franc , 3 ha. Petit Verdot and 4 ha. Pinot Noir.
Claroscuro’s location at 1054 m.a.s.l. (3428 ft), its undulations and the presence of an ancient river bed not only transform it into a unique property in Uco Valley. We have a sandy loam soil in the higher levels of the vineyard and stones in the lower parts so we can divide the vineyard into parcels thus generating greater diversity which allows us to produce a greater variety of wines from the same vineyard.

The drip irrigation system uses water from the melting of the high peaks. All this results in excellent quality grapes and a highly expressive terroir.


Why Choose Us


Unique vineyard

All our grapes come from our single vineyard


Certified quality thanks to our terroir

Winemaking is focused on reflecting the best of our terroir.


We return purchase policy

If you are not happy with the purchase, we will refund your money